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Last night I had a 2001 Domaine Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Sec. This is probably the 10th or so bottle I've had by Huet, and they're always excellent. I've and '85 (courtousey of w+a), a '96, '98, etc. I've understood these age extremely well (ones from the 50's are drinking very well, etc). Lastly, they aren't very expensive at all (except for the Cuvee Constance).

My question, how do you decide which vintages and which bottlings to buy? They may dry, demi-sec, and sweet wines, different sites, etc.

Any experience / advice for buying Huet to age?
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In short, I pretty much just buy Huet when I have a chance regardless of vintage. They're one of those producers like Baumard and Haut Brion that just seem to do good regardless of the vintage.

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I've only been grabbing a bottle or three over the last few years, but I'm with WIML. When I see it I tend to just buy it.
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+2 Good producer.

I've had the 1961 Le Mont, Moelleux, Premiere Trie twice over the past few years. Not a great, but excellent wine, which was definitely not over the hill.
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They all age well, but I prefer the Sec on the young side. Huet is clearly the class of Vouvray, and a wonderful winery to visit. I hope to return next year.

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Huet is great, and it is one of those producers where you can trust that if he makes a certain type of wine he'll only do it if the quality is there. Therefore, it is safe to buy whenever you see a wine around (not saying there isn't a stylistic difference between vintages though!).
I find the Sec irresistable at young age, but so much better still after at least 5 years, and it will hold much longer in good years. 2005 Clos du Bourg Sec is still young, just to give an example. The Moelleux wines will go for ages. I'm a fan!
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The 2010 is far and away much better than the 2011's. Especially in the Le Mont secs.
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