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3 1997 Barolo
I would not consider myself to be an expert on old Barolo but i think i would disagree with the notion that this vintage did not produce great wines,too ripe,cooked ,not enough acidity for the long haul,etc.Opened 3 Barolo to accompany roast chicken thighs with root veggies and canned small Italian tomatoes and Barolo risotto.Opened the bottles about 1 hour before pouring into Burgundy glasses minus about 1/3 cup each for the recipes.Started with Principiano Boscareto then went on to Marcarini Brunate finished with Manzone Le Gramolere.All the wines were a bit closed on pouring but after 1/2 hour started to show beautifully.The Marcarini and the Le Gramolere did show a slight bricking but that may well have been more of the Nebbiolo than oxidation.The Principiano showed no bricking and definitly had a deeper red appearance.The wines all had good fruit,dark cherry,black currant and a bit of spice and dark chocolate.The tannins were well resolved and acidity was quite in balance.The LeGramolere an the Marcarini had a bit more acidity and were a little less rounded on the palate.Medium finish and very nice.The Principiano was just incredible,everything was there,ripe fruit, spice, very good balance of acidity and tannins excellent color,medium long finish,a wine of finesse.Myself my wife and and an other couple enjoyed the wines over about 5 hours and enjoyed them very much.Thankfully i still have 2 each of these left.Le Gramolere 92pts,Marcarini 92-3pts and the Principiano 95pts. These maybe at or close to their peak,drink now or in the next year.
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