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TNs: Thanksgiving 2012 Pinot Noirs
After years of trying to increase my family's appreciation of wine with some but not a lot of success, I now use Thanksgiving as a chance to drink some Pinots that are probably a little long in the tooth. It's a win-win as I get to clean out my Pinot section and there are usually a few that show very well so those in my family who appreciate wine a bit more aren't disappointed and those that don't have some wine/liquor to drink, so they're happy too.

2005 Dain Rebel Rancho Ontiveros Pinot Noir
I found a couple bottles of this for $24 a year or two back. This was my last bottle. A really nice nose of dark cherry, brown sugar, and some tar and floral notes. Juicy strawberry and dark berry flavors with a touch of earthiness. A short finish and some heat on the nose were the only big flaws with this solid but unspectacular effort. 85 pts

2003 Robert Jayer-Gilles Bourgogne Haut Cotes de Beaune
Nose of cranberries and violets. Dark cherry, grape and plum flavors. Given what I've read about the 2003 vintage in Burgundy, I was surprised this had some wonderful juicy acidity. I don't have a lot of experience with red Burgundy, but what I've enjoyed the most about the ones I've had is overall good balance and no heat. My first of two bottles purchased for $24; I'll be drinking the other one in 2013. 90 pts

2002 Patricia Green Shea Vyd Pinot Noir
Light ruby in color with some cloudiness. Sinple nose of cherry Twizzlers and strawberry. A bit muddled on the palate with some sour cherry and a little cinnamon (and heat) on the finish. Though I don't have a lot of experience with Patricia Green wines, I've never been very impressed. This bottle unfortunately fell right in line with the others I've had. 82 pts

2002 Chehalem Stoller Vyd Pinot Noir
Except for a few such as the Patty Green above, I've had great luck with the 2002 Pinots from Oregon. Nice, clear ruby color. Initially, this wine showed very little fruit on the nose with some dry earth, little bit of cola and a touch of tarragon. First tastes I found come cherry flavor, bit of earchiness -- pretty simple and light but it was still enjoyable. With a little time, more red berry flavors and aromas started to come forth and this was really nice. After even more time it started to pick up some darker fruit and a little spice but lost a little of its precision. On this Thanksgiving, at its apex this might have been slightly better than the Burgundy above (maybe reaching a score of 91), but taking the whole into consideration I found it just short of the Jayer-Gilles. 88-89 pts

2005 Loring Brosseau Vyd Pinot Noir
Sacrificed later in the evening on Thanksgiving, Initial whiff of this made me think of circus peanuts. This might have been the thickest Pinot of the day, though not nearly to the point of a "Syrah-Noir." Red fruit/berry flavors with a little sweetness. I scored this slightly higher than the Dain, though that could have been a by-product of when this was consumed. Regardless, a very nice QPR at the $15 I paid. 86 pts

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